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Car Troubles

Why is it, that when you finally feel like your finances are coming along nicely (i.e: you are finally getting savings, your bills are all ahead, you have no credit card debt), that sneaky little monster called life sneaks up on you?

Meet the bane of my existence right now:

This guy, right here…. Who knew one inanimate object could cause so much trouble?!

Let me begin my story roughly 3 years ago. I made the mistake of making fun of my husband for wanting manual windows and locks on his car. I really think that was my tragic flaw. You see, I have not owned one car since then… NOT ONE…. that didn’t have something go wrong with the electric windows. I have had 3 cars since that fateful day… and all of them have had (at least) one window break. This lovely car has two, yes TWO, broken windows. I think the window gods just really wanted to drive the point home. (You know, in case I still somehow thought that it might just be a coincidence).

Jump back to present day. This car has two windows that won’t roll down and now, to add insult to broken windows, the right tail light and the backlight for the speedometer are broken as well! *siiiiigh*

Naturally, I took it into the repair shop. That’s what you do with cars that need repairs, you see. So at 9 this morning I arrived and dropped my car of and they took me back to my house in their shuttle service. Well, 3 pm rolls around and I still haven’t heard from them. So I gave them a call and the woman gives me their findings:

1) They can’t fix the tail light OR the dash light because it isn’t simply a blow bulb. No, no, no… It is something wrong with the computer inside the car (oh great!).

and 2) They can’t fix the windows, either! They don’t have the means to fix what is wrong. 

Basically, she told me the bottom line was that the dealer would be the only one that could fix either of the problems. Somehow, I have a feeling that the Land Rover company planned it that way. But I digress.

I then got off the phone with her and called the nearest Land Rover Dealership… which just so happens to be 200 miles away!! They tell me that they can’t give me an estimate for the lights because they don’t know whats wrong. But for the windows they estimate that it will be a minimum of $450 per window and $250 or more for labor!!! Eesh!! Can you say “No, thank you!!”

So… It looks like I will be driving around with broken windows until my wonderful father (the mechanic!) can come pay a visit to his daughter… and her decrepit vehicle!

As for the lights… I guess I will be making the 3 1/2 hour trek to the dealership this weekend to see about getting those fixed.

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