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Home Organization 101: Week 10 – The Living Room

I have now completed Week 10 of my Home Organization 101 Challenge. That means I only have 4 more to go!! And I am planning those for next week. Wow! I think I may actually get this all done before the baby arrives (not to jinx myself…)

So on to this week. Our living room is fairly bare. So there wasn’t too much to do. I always think about decorating and really doing it up… but with the possibility of moving in the next few months — or maybe not. Who knows. Don’t you love the military? — Anyway… with that possibility I just can’t being myself to do all of that work just to turn around and do it when  if we move.

But the important thing is that now it is at least organized. Even if it’s not a living room you’d see in Better Homes and Gardens or anything… Ok. Onto the reveal. Here is my living room. 🙂

I only have one photo to show because  thought having it all in one picture gave a better view. But what I did for the living room was to first move the coffee table out. We mostly used it for a foot rest anyway, so I moved the ottoman from the sitting/play room into here instead.

The next thing I did was to make bins for the mantle. It was becoming more of a “catch all” so I just covered some plastic bins with fabric that matched our throw pillows and set them up there and gave them designated purposes. I also added some sheer curtains to the window and door on either side of the fireplace, just to give it some privacy from the sun porch.

Lastly, I moved the sectional couch so that it was in an “L” shape rather than 2 separate couches. I’m not sure if I am crazy about that part yet, but it was at least a nice change.

And that’s it. Pretty straight forward. And, as I said, if we do end up moving, I plan to make the living room (and all of the rooms in the house) have a more “homey” feel. But it’s hard to justify that right now until we find out where we will be come summer or even spring.

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