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What Season Is It, Again?

It has (unfortunately) been very warm today! :/

N hasn’t minded. He is enjoying shorts and sandals rather than pants and long sleeves. But I, on the other hand, don’t enjoy the unbearable fabric of my uniform. I will admit, it holds up very well if you are crawling around in dirt and sand and gravel and whatever else you have to do. But it is the worst when it comes to keeping you at the right temperature. It doesn’t breath so you burn up when it’s warm out, but yet it does absolutely no good at keeping you warm when it’s cold out!

Well… at any rate… we went for a walk again. (Yes. We do that a lot.)

N loved all of the leaves on the ground. He picked up a small branch that had fallen and carried it around for a very long time. Even insisting on bringing it with us when we came in!

I wish I still had that care-free joy over the little things. But then again… I suppose that’s all in your attitude. Isn’t it? Maybe it’s time for a change to a more positive mind set?

Enjoy! 🙂

Setting his snack cup down in
order to  be able to pick up leaves

Trying so hard to reach one 🙂

He’s not sure about it yet

Waving it around

Playing peek-a-boo

Hey this is pretty fun, mom 🙂

I just love (most of the time. ha ha) how energetic and happy he is!

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