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Exploring Around Ft. Gordon, GA

These are photos from a while ago, but I was looking through the photo album and just adored them! So I wanted to share them. We were living in Georgia at the time. My father-in-law was visiting and we all decided to explore one of the old cemeteries in town. It was absolutely beautiful. We even saw some from a group of Confederate soldiers from the Civil War.



N had a fun time drawing in the sand while we walked around.




N with Grandpa. He sure loves his Pop-Pop!




The stone wall around the cemetery was full of seashells.




  1. I love seeing old headstones, but why was the wall full of seashells?

  2. It looks like you and your family had a great little adventure on your walk with some pretty cool things to look at. I have two boys one is a major Nana's boy and the other is a Papa's boy… not sure how that happened but they sure do love them.

  3. Great pics! We also enjoy looking at some of those older cemeteries. It is interesting to see as it is history.

  4. Those are great pictures! I always love reliving old memories.

  5. I love old headstones. Such craftmanship. I got to see some beautiful ones in Gatlinburg, TN on vacation.

  6. I'm honestly not sure. To make it stronger, maybe. It was pretty, but I don't know the purpose.

  7. Ha ha isn't it funny how they cling to them?

  8. It is. It's so beautiful and peaceful in it's own way.

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