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Boys are God’s Way of Telling You That Your House is Too Clean

Yesterday was the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, but since E isn’t here and I wouldn’t have a date, I decided not to go. Instead, N had his first sleep over! 🙂

I watched my friend’s son so that they (Diana and Dean) could go to the ball.
And you know what? These two little guys had a blast!! They played together, ran around like mad men together, and just created a general sense of chaos in this house (but happy chaos, of course!)
The festivities included dancing, jumping on the bed, getting all of the toys out, and LOTS of hugs! They both love giving hugs and about every five minutes one of them would yell “hug! hug!” and run over and hug the other one! It was the cutest thing!
I am so glad that they both had such a good time last night!
Sitting on the “Melmo” couch together

They shared really well!! 🙂
Sharing again!
N and his favorite toy

He LOVED this ride-on airplane! ha ha

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  1. How adorable! Thank you so much for watching him again! He looked like he had a great time. And we had a great time, too, because we knew Nathaniel was in good hands!

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