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A Sister is a Forever Friend

Today is my youngest sister’s 18th birthday. Wow! She is a woman now. An adult.

It’s hard to believe. I still see her as the sweet, little, white-haired girl that insisted you call her “hay-baby”. The little girl who would sit at the table in her high chair and eat peas as she held them up to her face and called them “mine eyeballs”. The little girl who had an outfit that matched her favorite doll’s outfit. She carried that doll everywhere! That is, of course, until the very instant that my mom wanted her to pose for a picture with that doll. The (very stubborn) little girl that wanted “Lick-ick” (lipstick). And the little girl that wanted to be Pocahantas when she grew up.
Maybe that’s why she has a hard time confiding in me now. I’m not the cool older sister. I am too much of a mother figure. 
I can’t help it. I still see her as the sweet baby girl she used to be. I still want to protect her from all of the mistakes and hurt that she will experience in her life. I guess that’s just the territory that comes with being an older sister. But you know what? I wouldn’t trade any of the memories I have of her as a little girl in exchange for the cool older sister status. I love the memories too much. And I love her too much!
I just have to remember that it is a normal stage and that… although I regret rushing out of the house and away from her when I was 16 to hang out with my friends and although she now rushes to get off the phone with me to hang out with her friends… she and I will grow closer again. Like we were before either of us were teenagers. 😉
For now, I am happy just watching her grow into the smart, beautiful woman that she is. The woman who has a whole life waiting ahead of her. A life filled with joy and happiness, sorrow and pain. And I have to just be there for her when she wants me. To celebrate the good times with her and to support her during the bad. 
Happy Birthday! I love you!!
Us the day I arrived home for my wedding

My beautiful bridesmaid with me on
my wedding day <3

I love this one! 🙂


  1. Yeah. I know. It is perfectly normal. When she gets married and has kids I am sure we will grow closer than ever. It's just that, for the time being, we are at different stages. She is still young and finding her independence. And I am happy to be here and wait until that day!

  2. Sisters are the best! My older sister and I drifted a little bit apart, too, when we were teenagers. But now, we are closer than ever especially now that we are both mothers.

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