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DVD (or Bluray) Organization

Today I want to share a simple organization solution to store your DVDs or Bluray discs. It’s super easy and has maximum space saving impact.

It turns those piles and piles (and piles) of movies from this…

DVD Organization

…into this!

DVD (or Bluray) Organization

It’s a fairly cheap project. All you need is a basket or two, and the sleeves.

Bluray Organization

We used 2 baskets because I wanted to divide the movies into children/family movies and more adult movies.

I got the baskets in the bathroom storage section of Target, but I couldn’t find a link for them online. However, these are similar.

For the sleeves, we use these paper sleeves, but you can also use plastic ones if you prefer. I like the paper ones better because they are about a tenth of the price and work just as well.

All I did was transfer the DVDs from their plastic cases into the sleeves. It’s kind of a slow, repetitive process, but extremely easy.

Movie Organization

I did was create dividers to organize it alphabetically. I just used my laminator to laminate some scrapbook paper and used a wet erase marker to write the letters. I plan to purchase stickers to give it a cleaner look. I just haven’t done it yet.

Another thing I did was to cut the paper cover to fit into the DVD sleeve.

DVD (or Bluray) Organization

That way if someone forgets to put the DVD back when they are done, they are all still accounted for.

That’s it. done-zo. How easy was that? And it frees up SO much space! At first I was hesitant to get rid of the plastic DVD cases I had a lot of the normal hesitations:
“What if I want to sell the movies?” One, how likely is that, really? If I do decide to get rid of them, I will most likely donate them. Two, if I did want to sell them, someone would still buy them without the plastic case.
“Well what if I need the plastic cases?” For what? to take up valuable space in my home and make it look cluttered?
“What if I regret throwing them away?” See previous answers! You won’t regret it!

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