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25 Uses for the Thirty-One Keep It Caddy

The Keep-It Caddy is a great storage solution for all sorts of things! You can keep it in the car so you’ll always have everything when you’re on the go, or you can use it to organize your office, bathroom, living room, basement and so many other places!

Here are my 25 favorite uses for the Keep-It Caddy:

1. Use it to store all of your diapers in the Nursery.
(Shown here with the Room for Two Utility Tote and the Pocket-A-Tote.)

2. Use it to store Picnic Supplies.
(Shown here with the Lil’ Expressions Mini Zipper Pouch.) 
3. Use it to take goodies to your child’s classroom.
(Shown here with the Perfect Party Set and the Organizing Shoulder Bag.)
4. Use it to organize and store all of your hair supplies in the bathroom.
5. Use it as an Easter Basket.
(Shown here with the Mini Utility Bin.)
 6. Use it to store your children’s art supplies.
7. Use it as a gift bag for presents.
(Shown here with the Icon It Coin Purse.) 
8. Use it to hold knitting supplies.
9. Use it for supplies at a Hair Salon.
(Shown here with the Zipper Pouch and Fold-And-Go Organizer.)
10. Use it to hold office supplies. 
11. Use it to hold housewarming gifts.
(Shown here with the Large Utility Tote and Mini Utility Bin.)
12. Use it as a baby shower gift.
(Shown here with a Mini Zipper Pouch.)
13. Use it as an overnight bag for your child.
(Shown here with a Cinch Sac and Timeless Beauty Bag.) 
14. Us it to organize cleaning supplies.
15. Use it as a diaper bag.
16. Use it as a make up caddy.
(Shown here with the Mini Organizer.) 
17. Use it to store car washing supplies.
(Shown here with a Mini Zipper Pouch and Pinch Top Wristlet.)
18. Use it as a purse.
(Shown here with a Timeless Wristlet.)
19. Use it to hold sports supplies.
(Shown here with Super Organizing Tote and Little’s Carry-All)
20. Use it to hold baby feeding supplies.
(Shown here with Super Organizing Tote and Pocket-A-Tote.)
21.  Use it to organize your car.
22. Use it as a Father’s Day or Mother’s Day Gift.
23. Use it to hold drink supplies at your wet bar.
24. Use it to hold the supplies for your Direct Selling business.
25. Use it to hold your coupon supplies.
(Shown here with Coupon Clutch and Fold-And-Go Organizer.)
So there you have it! 25 great ideas for your new Keep-It Caddy! Which one was your favorite use? Or if you use your another way, please share it with us in the comments!

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