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Cash Envelope Tutorial

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I follow Dave Ramsey’s cash envelope system. In my ever continuing search for the perfect system for my cash envelopes, I came across this printable from Kelleigh over at Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs and decided to try it.

Cash Envelope

It was pretty simple really. I started with some basic 12X12 scrapbook paper in a pattern I liked.

I cut it down so it was 8X12 so it would fit in my printer.

Then printed the template (found here) right on the back of the scrapbook paper.

I cut out the template and laminated it (with my Purple Cows Laminator).


Then I scored along the dotted lines to make it easier to fold.

Then all you have to do is fold it along the dotted lines and tape it up.

Dave Ramsey

Super easy (and cute and functional)! Click HERE to get your own template.

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  1. I used that same template, but instead of being loose so they could, and probably would, float all over the house and get lost or destroyed by the toddler, mine are bound with hemp cording I had and a little cardboard/card stock clutch I made. They all stay in one place and I can grab it when I'm going shopping or out paying a few bills.

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