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Guest Post Monday: Funny Things Kids Say

I recently discovered a very funny blog, Experienced Bad Mom, and can’t get enough. Katy shares her experiences with motherhood on an honest, fun, and relatable way. I enjoy reading her blog and can’t wait to share her with all of you!
Guest Post

I was so pleased when Miranda invited me to guest post on her blog. I enjoy‘s sunny disposition! Plus, Miranda is mother to a son, her oldest, and a daughter, her youngest, just like me. When I look at pictures of her kids, it brings me back to that sweet stage of life that my kids –now ages 10 and 7– were in just a few short years ago.

On my own blog, which I jokingly named Experienced Bad Mom, I like to share stories or thoughts from my own experiences as a not-so-perfect mom. Most of these stories are silly or sweet, because I love to make people smile and share what makes me laugh. The following story is one that did just that. I still remember how long I laughed at it! It also exemplifies how great preschoolers can be. It’s such a fun age, when their minds are wide-open, sponge-like, wise, and magical, all at the same time.

It was late fall. We had already had several frosts and the growing season in our backyard garden was long-gone. My daughter, 3, and I were outside playing when she noticed the tomato plants in our garden. They were browning and wilting, although a few tomatoes remained on the vines. “Look!” she cried excitedly. “There’s a red one. I’m going to pick it.” I explained to her that even though some of the tomatoes were red, they had been affected by the cold weather and were pretty yucky. In fact, we should just leave all the tomatoes on the vines. They needed to go to Tomato Heaven. She nodded solemnly. She seemed to understand, I thought, that the tomatoes were long-gone. A minute later she spied some more tomatoes lingering on the vines. “Those need to go to Tomato Kevin, too,” she said seriously. I smiled. Tomato Kevin, not Tomato Heaven! I laughed and laughed, and I still tease her about that to this day.

I hold the Tomato Kevin story close to my heart, because it captures a silly and sweet moment between my then three-year-old daughter and me. And I love to share it in the blogosphere, because it’s like journaling or scrapbooking. Blogging keeps those memories preserved forever!

How about you, readers? Do you blog about your kids? What have your kids done or said lately that’s made you smile? Please share in the comments! 


Katy is a native Californian who has found herself plunked in the Midwest. She married her high school sweetheart and they have 2 kids: Will born in 2003 and Sydney, born in 2006. 

If you need a laugh, follow her adventures on her blog Experienced Bad Mom, or follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

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  1. Thanks for having me today, Miranda!

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