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Book In Review: Parentonomics


I read a lot. I would guess that I average about 40 books a year. It’s not uncommon that I spend a few hours on a “me day” and finish a book in one sitting. It just recharges me like nothing else can. I love getting lost in worlds that aren’t our own and experiencing things that I otherwise never would.

I love sharing that feeling. That’s what this Books in Review blog series is about. Sharing that feeling.

(Before we begin, I want to remind you that the links below are affiliate links. There’s nothing you need to do. That just means that if you decide to buy the book from that link, I get a very small commission. It in no way changes my opinion of the books and it doesn’t cost you any extra.)


Joshua Gans

Quick Synopsis: Gans is an economist, and he began to apply the tools of his trade to raising his children. He saw his new life as one big economic management problem– and if economics helped him think about parenting, parenting illuminated certain economic principles.

My Thoughts:  I don’t really know what to say about this book. I was expecting more parenting and less economics, maybe? But, actually, it’s less of a parenting book and more of a book about observing the interesting similarities between parenting and economics. Still an interesting read, but not what I was expecting. Not good, not bad.

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

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