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Who Writes This Blog, Anyway?

Welcome to Miranda Bee! I’m Miranda and this is my blog. I’m a 26-year-old wife, mother, professional photographer, and life blogger. I live in Maryland with my loving, patient husband and our two amazing children.
Miranda Bee is a 
lifestyle blog where you can come to learn about anything from How to Entertain Your Kids on the go to What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag to a great Homemade Lasagna recipe. I write about pretty much anything that strikes my fancy. I first started blogging in 2011 and this is actually only the latest version of my blog (and it’s a constant work in progress).

Some of the things I like (and the kinds of things you’ll find on my blog) are cooking, baking, sewing, DIYing, photography, and reading.

I’ve been married to my husband for over 6 years. We got married just 6 months after meeting and still going strong! I guess it’s true; when you know, you know

For now, we have two beautiful children – and one on the way! We have an energetic 5 year old son who loves anything superhero and a very talkative 2 year old daughter that loves dress up. We spend as much time as we can laughing, playing, and being silly.

So let’s take a peek into the ol’ photo album!

I can’t possibly leave out this (horrible cell phone) photo of my husband and I, shortly after meeting. He was (is) in the Army and I was in the Marine Corps. We were stationed at the same base.

About Me III

Here are some of my son and daughter. They get along very well (most of the time) and agree that they are best friends!


My son is definitely a sensitive soul. He has such a sweet personality and is a total giver. He also has an insanely goofy sense of humor. He loves tricking us and being playful!




My daughter is my little firecracker! Boy, does she have a personality on her (along with a naughty streak)! 😉 She’s also adventurous and not afraid to get dirty.





We live in Maryland and – after the last duty stations of California, Texas, and Georgia – this Colorado girl is glad to finally be somewhere that we get snow!

Winter Photography3



This was such a fun cake smash session!

7 - Cake Smash

9 - Cake Smash

These are from our most recent Family Photo Session from September 2014. (I know. We’re long over due for new ones!)


So, now that you know about me, I’d love to get to know you!
Leave me some love in the comments! 🙂

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